Jacket form for Cleanroom Use

PDF: Jacket form for Cleanroom Use

Our product offers exceptional insulation performance with outstanding heat retention capabilities. It maintains internal temperatures of up to 150°C while ensuring the external surface remains below 60°C. With its heat-resistant properties, it can withstand temperatures up to 150°C, providing reliable thermal protection.

Crafted from high-quality melamine sponge, our product meets the stringent requirements of cleanroom environments. Its construction allows for effortless on-site installation, making it an ideal choice for various applications. Additionally, our solution is designed to be cost-effective, offering an efficient and affordable solution for your insulation needs.


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Jacket Form (25% energy-efficient)

PDF: Jacket Form (25% energy-efficient)

Introducing our Luck Design Jacket Form: an energy-efficient, sustainable, and cost-effective solution. Reduce energy consumption and prioritize sustainability with our SDG-compatible heater. Achieve 25% energy savings and surface temperatures below 50°C. Melamine sponge offers lower thermal conductivity and is significantly lighter than silicone rubber sponge. Our materials are suitable for ducts, pipes, and cleanroom environments. Easily install and cut on-site. Enhance duct insulation with our Jacket Form.


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Cleanroom-grade High Insulation Material

PDF: Cleanroom-grade High Insulation Material

The Cleanroom-grade high-insulation material features a primary component of melamine sponge (UL94 V-0, HF-1 certified, with a heat resistance of up to 150℃). It is further enhanced with a silicone-coated glass cloth outer layer (heat resistant up to 200℃). Key attributes of this material include its ease of on-site cutting, making it highly adaptable to complex shapes, narrow/small pipes, and large ducts. Additionally, it exhibits a low thermal conductivity of 0.0347W/mK, ensuring efficient insulation properties.


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Thermocouple clip designed for narrow or small pipes

PDF: Thermocouple clip designed for narrow or small pipes

Introducing our K-type thermocouple designed specifically for clip-mounting on pipes with outer diameters of φ9.52 (3/8 inch) and φ6.35 (1/4 inch), ideal for small pipe applications. Crafted with precision, the clip and thermocouple protection tube are constructed from high-quality stainless steel and meticulously welded together. Our thermocouple offers effortless attachment and detachment, ensuring a firm and reliable grip while facilitating precise temperature measurement. For optimal performance, we recommend using it in conjunction with our heating jacket tailored for small pipes. We gladly accept orders, starting from a single unit, to cater to your specific needs.


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Facing Insulation Challenges

PDF: Facing Insultation Challenges

Introducing our Heating Jacket: Efficient and Cost-effective Solution for Temperature up to 150°C

Are you facing insulation challenges with your pipes and valves? Look no further! Our innovative heating jacket combines sewing expertise with electronics technology to provide optimal thermal insulation.


Key Features:

–> High Performance, Low Cost: Our heating jacket delivers exceptional performance while keeping your expenses in check

–>High performance, low cost: Our heating Jacket delivers exceptional performance while keeping your expenses in check.

–>Lightweight and field-customizable: the insulation material used in our jacket is lightweight and can be easily customized on-site to fit your specific requirements. It features a melamine sponge, a flame retardant material known for its excellent insulating properties

–>Temperature Control: With a 15mm sponge thickness, our heating jacket ensures that the surface temperature remains below 50°C, preventing heat-related issues.

–>Energy-efficient alternative: Compared to traditional silicone rubber jackets, our heating jacket offers remarkable energy savings of 30 to 40% while costing less than half the price

–>Easy Installation: Installing our heating jacket is a breeze. Simply use scissors to cut and fit it securely onto your pipes and valves


Don’t let insulation concerns hold you back. Experience the benefits of our heating jacket and enhance the efficiency of your operations. Check out our detailed PowerPoint presentation for more information.


Contact us today to learn more and discover how our heating jacket can solve your insulation challenges effectively and affordably.

Heating Jacket

PDF: presentation heating jacket_eng 

Introducing our Heating Jacket, a fusion of advanced sewing and electronics technologies. Specifically developed for heating applications in semiconductor equipment, including CVD, PVD, ALD, Echer, as well as for precise heating of supply and exhaust pipes. With exceptional temperature capabilities exceeding 300°C, it is the ideal solution for cleanroom environments. Experience the epitome of energy efficiency and cleanliness with our state-of-the-art Heating Jacket, poised to address your unique challenges and exceed your expectations.


For more comprehensive information, we invite you to explore our detailed PowerPoint presentation. Dive deeper into the features, benefits, and technical specifications of our innovative Heating Jacket, and discover how it can revolutionize your heating processes.  Or contact us via email for any questions.

Intelligent Ribbon Heater

(PDF)Intelligent Ribbon Heater 

Introducing our new Ribbon Heater infused with Glass Felt, the perfect addition to our energy-saving and efficient product line. Our Ribbon Heater with Glass Felt not only provides superior heating performance but also offers improved durability and resistance to high temperatures. With a 20mm insulation layer of Glass Felt, this Ribbon Heater is an energy-saving solution compared to conventional Ribbon Heaters. In addition, it features an automatic shutdown when the temperature exceeds 300 Celsius, ensuring safety in high-temperature environments.


For optimal performance, we recommend purchasing our Glass Ribbon and Outer Cloth (made of melamine sponge) along with the Ribbon Heater. The Glass Ribbon ensures even heat distribution, while the melamine sponge outer cloth prevents hotspots and enhances the overall energy efficiency of the system. Together, this set of products offers a comprehensive solution for various industrial applications.


Moreover, our products are made of sustainable materials and provide a more environmentally-friendly heating solution. Trust in our innovative products and experience the ultimate in heating performance, energy efficiency, safety, and sustainability


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Solution for pipes that are difficult for maintenance due to heights and narrow spaces

(PDF) Solution for pipes that are difficult for maintenance

Introducing our solution for pipes that are difficult to maintain due to height and narrow spaces – the fabric heater. Our fabric heater is an affordable and user-friendly solution for partial heating up to 150℃, and is suitable for service power supply (100V). With self-control and a built-in thermostat, temperature control is not required.


Designed with our clients in mind, the insulation material is a separate jacket form from the heater, allowing it to be cut and installed on-site for easy installation. The thermostat has a lifespan of 100,000 cycles/15A, with a 1-year warranty, and a track record of operating for over 3 years. Our fabric heater also has a safe structure and is highly stable. In the event that the thermostat cuts off, the lamp will switch off, and in extreme situations, depending on the fuse, the system will shut down.


For your convenience, we have included the installation method for the fabric heater in the pdf file. If you’re looking for an affordable and easy-to-use solution for difficult-to-maintain pipes, please consider our fabric heater.


For more information, please refer to the PDF file or contact us via email for any questions.

Heating Jacket (Jacket Heater) up to 300℃

(PDF) Heating Jacket (Jacket Heater) Up to 300℃


Our heating jacket (Jacket Heater) is designed to provide high-quality and efficient heating solutions for various applications. With a maximum temperature capability of up to 300℃, it is suitable for heating applications that require high temperatures. At the same time, its surface temperature remains below 60℃, making it safe to use and handle.


In addition to its high-temperature capabilities, our heating jacket is also energy-efficient, saving approximately 25% on energy usage compared to other heating solutions. It is designed with a double-insulated heating element structure that ensures optimal heat retention and minimizes heat loss, providing cost savings on energy bills.


Our heating jacket also meets cleanroom specifications, making it ideal for use in cleanroom environments where contamination control is critical. The jacket is designed to be easily attached and detached, making it easy to install and perform maintenance.


If you are looking for a high-quality heating solution that provides efficient and safe heating up to 300℃, please consider our heating jacket.


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Heating Jacket (Jacket Heater): Narrow/Small Pipes and Clamp Covers

(PDF) Narrow _Small Pipe Heating Jacket (Jacket Heater)

Our heating jacket is specially designed for Narrow/small pipes that require precise and efficient heating. With its double-insulated heating element structure, it guarantees safe and reliable heating, while keeping the surface temperature below 60℃.


Not only is it energy efficient with approximately 25% off in energy consumption, but it also meets cleanroom specifications, making it a suitable solution for various industries.


Our heating jacket is easy to install, and the clamp covers provide a secure and tight fit around the pipe, ensuring consistent and accurate heating.


If you are looking for a reliable heating solution for your thin pipes, our heating jacket with clamp covers is the ideal choice.


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Heating jacket for thin-film equipment

(PDF) Heating jacket for thin-film equipment

Introducing our heating jacket for thin-film equipment (CVD, PVD, ALD, Etchers, etc.)!


With the capability of heating pipes up to 200℃, our heating jacket is the perfect solution for precise, safe, and accurate heating of narrow and small pipes.


Our heating jacket is not only easily attachable and detachable, but it is also compatible with various pipe sizes, and can be customized to meet specific requirements. Choose our heating jacket for high-quality and efficient heating that streamlines work processes. Invest in our product for reliable and optimized performance.


For more information, please refer to the PDF file or contact us directly via email for any questions.