Heating Jacket (Jacket Heater): Narrow/Small Pipes and Clamp Covers

(PDF) Narrow _Small Pipe Heating Jacket (Jacket Heater)

Our heating jacket is specially designed for Narrow/small pipes that require precise and efficient heating. With its double-insulated heating element structure, it guarantees safe and reliable heating, while keeping the surface temperature below 60℃.


Not only is it energy efficient with approximately 25% off in energy consumption, but it also meets cleanroom specifications, making it a suitable solution for various industries.


Our heating jacket is easy to install, and the clamp covers provide a secure and tight fit around the pipe, ensuring consistent and accurate heating.


If you are looking for a reliable heating solution for your thin pipes, our heating jacket with clamp covers is the ideal choice.


For more information, please refer to the PDF file or contact us via email for any questions.