Facing Insulation Challenges

PDF: Facing Insultation Challenges

Introducing our Heating Jacket: Efficient and Cost-effective Solution for Temperature up to 150°C

Are you facing insulation challenges with your pipes and valves? Look no further! Our innovative heating jacket combines sewing expertise with electronics technology to provide optimal thermal insulation.


Key Features:

–> High Performance, Low Cost: Our heating jacket delivers exceptional performance while keeping your expenses in check

–>High performance, low cost: Our heating Jacket delivers exceptional performance while keeping your expenses in check.

–>Lightweight and field-customizable: the insulation material used in our jacket is lightweight and can be easily customized on-site to fit your specific requirements. It features a melamine sponge, a flame retardant material known for its excellent insulating properties

–>Temperature Control: With a 15mm sponge thickness, our heating jacket ensures that the surface temperature remains below 50°C, preventing heat-related issues.

–>Energy-efficient alternative: Compared to traditional silicone rubber jackets, our heating jacket offers remarkable energy savings of 30 to 40% while costing less than half the price

–>Easy Installation: Installing our heating jacket is a breeze. Simply use scissors to cut and fit it securely onto your pipes and valves


Don’t let insulation concerns hold you back. Experience the benefits of our heating jacket and enhance the efficiency of your operations. Check out our detailed PowerPoint presentation for more information.


Contact us today to learn more and discover how our heating jacket can solve your insulation challenges effectively and affordably.