Heating Jacket (Jacket Heater) up to 300℃

(PDF) Heating Jacket (Jacket Heater) Up to 300℃


Our heating jacket (Jacket Heater) is designed to provide high-quality and efficient heating solutions for various applications. With a maximum temperature capability of up to 300℃, it is suitable for heating applications that require high temperatures. At the same time, its surface temperature remains below 60℃, making it safe to use and handle.


In addition to its high-temperature capabilities, our heating jacket is also energy-efficient, saving approximately 25% on energy usage compared to other heating solutions. It is designed with a double-insulated heating element structure that ensures optimal heat retention and minimizes heat loss, providing cost savings on energy bills.


Our heating jacket also meets cleanroom specifications, making it ideal for use in cleanroom environments where contamination control is critical. The jacket is designed to be easily attached and detached, making it easy to install and perform maintenance.


If you are looking for a high-quality heating solution that provides efficient and safe heating up to 300℃, please consider our heating jacket.


For more information, please refer to the PDF file or contact us via email for any questions.