Cleanroom-grade High Insulation Material

PDF: Cleanroom-grade High Insulation Material

The Cleanroom-grade high-insulation material features a primary component of melamine sponge (UL94 V-0, HF-1 certified, with a heat resistance of up to 150℃). It is further enhanced with a silicone-coated glass cloth outer layer (heat resistant up to 200℃). Key attributes of this material include its ease of on-site cutting, making it highly adaptable to complex shapes, narrow/small pipes, and large ducts. Additionally, it exhibits a low thermal conductivity of 0.0347W/mK, ensuring efficient insulation properties.


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Intelligent Ribbon Heater

(PDF)Intelligent Ribbon Heater 

Introducing our new Ribbon Heater infused with Glass Felt, the perfect addition to our energy-saving and efficient product line. Our Ribbon Heater with Glass Felt not only provides superior heating performance but also offers improved durability and resistance to high temperatures. With a 20mm insulation layer of Glass Felt, this Ribbon Heater is an energy-saving solution compared to conventional Ribbon Heaters. In addition, it features an automatic shutdown when the temperature exceeds 300 Celsius, ensuring safety in high-temperature environments.


For optimal performance, we recommend purchasing our Glass Ribbon and Outer Cloth (made of melamine sponge) along with the Ribbon Heater. The Glass Ribbon ensures even heat distribution, while the melamine sponge outer cloth prevents hotspots and enhances the overall energy efficiency of the system. Together, this set of products offers a comprehensive solution for various industrial applications.


Moreover, our products are made of sustainable materials and provide a more environmentally-friendly heating solution. Trust in our innovative products and experience the ultimate in heating performance, energy efficiency, safety, and sustainability


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