Heat Insulation & Thermal Insulation Sheet: Special Elastomer + Aluminum Foil -200°C to 125°C

Introducing Our Innovative Heat Insulation and Thermal Insulation Sheet!

Our heat insulation and thermal insulation sheet is a cutting-edge solution that combines a special elastomer with independent bubbles, boasting a low thermal conductivity of 0.038W/m·K. Not only is it non-flammable, but it also exhibits exceptional resistance to UV radiation. This sheet incorporates a heat-insulating layer made of aluminum, all expertly bonded together using silicone adhesive.


The versatility of our product is truly remarkable. With the ability to be easily tailored with simple tools like scissors, it’s perfect for insulating and safeguarding surfaces and pipes across a range of applications.


But that’s not all – we go the extra mile to meet your specific needs. If you provide us with drawings or specifications, we can customize your sheet with removable features such as Velcro, hooks, magnets, and more. This adaptability ensures our product can be seamlessly integrated into various scenarios, from refrigeration and insulation to condensation prevention, outdoor use in rainy conditions, clean rooms, food processing plants, and even medical and pharmaceutical settings.


Our special elastomer, featuring independent bubbles, offers remarkable resistance to moisture and water. This makes it the ideal choice for low-temperature insulation, such as refrigeration and freezing, as well as for outdoor insulation and freeze prevention in environments prone to condensation.


By applying our heat insulation sheet with its aluminum layer, you benefit from excellent radiation reflection, delivering top-notch thermal insulation performance.


For a more comprehensive look at our product, check out our informative video here: Video Link

Check out our PDF (Heat Insulation and Thermal Insulation Sheet) files for more details