Engineer Ceramics – Silicon Nitride

🔍 Silicon Nitride Substrates for High-Quality Probe Cards

When it comes to crafting high-performance probe cards for semiconductor testing, Silicon Nitride substrates are the optimal choice. Our Silicon Nitride substrates are engineered with precision and feature several key attributes:


🎯 Laser-Optimized Precision: These substrates are ideal for laser processing, offering the level of precision required for manufacturing top-quality probe cards.

🔥 HIP-Treated for Reduced Warping: To ensure minimal warping and enhanced flatness, our substrates undergo Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP) treatment. This process contributes to the stability and accuracy of the probe cards.

🧬 Ultra-Fine Porosity: The substrates boast a pore size of 30μm or smaller. This fine porosity is crucial for establishing and maintaining consistent electrical contact during semiconductor testing.

📏 Available in 100-square and 150-square Grids: Our Silicon Nitride substrates are offered in both 100-square and 150-square grid patterns, catering to diverse manufacturing requirements.

📐 Thickness Range: You can select from a thickness range spanning 0.1mm to 0.25mm, allowing you to tailor the substrate thickness to the precise needs of your probe card manufacturing process.

🖤 Color and Flatness: These substrates are characterized by a sleek black color, and we maintain an impressive flatness tolerance of only 50μm, ensuring the highest level of precision during probe card fabrication.


When it comes to crafting probe cards that demand exceptional precision and reliability, our Silicon Nitride substrates are the material of choice. Whether for laser processing or other advanced manufacturing techniques, these substrates enable the production of top-tier probe cards for semiconductor testing. Choose the appropriate thickness and grid configuration to match your specific requirements and elevate the quality of your probe card manufacturing process. 🔌💡